May Edochie Said, “Stop This Constant Show On Social Media.”

First wife of Yul Edochie, May Yul-Edochie, has asked her husband to cut down on the continual show on social media in order to protect their kids.

Throughout a previous public apology to his wife May, Yul Edochie said that he had been 99% proper in their marriage, with the exception of taking Judy Austin as a second wife.


Because he has been a decent husband and father to his children, he pleaded with his wife not to despise him for the one wrongdoing he committed.


In response, May said that while she had already forgiven her husband, she would not be pressured into adopting polygamy since it goes against her religious beliefs.


For the sake of her mental stability and inner tranquility, she said, she has chosen to embrace love rather than hatred. Additionally, she pleaded with her husband to refrain from posting about their marital problems on social media since their children utilize it.


I really think that errors are a significant aspect of human life, to quote May Yul-Edochie. What matters is how we react to these mistakes. In other words, making amends for a mistake is different from forgiving someone.


For me, the finest and most ideal expression of love is FORGIVENESS. Love cannot exist without forgiveness, and forgiveness cannot exist without love. Therefore, it is in my best interests and for the sake of my inner peace that I be able to forgive those who have erred in the past, present, and future with regard to the situation at hand.


I choose to stay with love…


Hatred is an impossible weight to carry. I still have a very hard time hating anybody, much less the father of my kids. The reality remains that anybody may choose to practice POLYGAMY; but, they cannot be forced to embrace something they did not want.


I’ll maintain my ground and refuse to be cajoled into supporting polygamy since it goes against my morals, beliefs, and religion.

In a house that we began constructing with love, faith, tears, hopes, and prayers throughout the course of our 18-year, catholic marriage after a protracted premarital relationship, I will not be numbered.

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