“Many parents have failures,” said Ik Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna, a well-known Nigerian actor, generated a lot of buzz on social media when he used his page to give fans advice on how to care for their parents.


The actor sent a message encouraging internet users to respect their parents on his Instagram story.


People should constantly respect and honor their parents, according to IK Ogbonna. The movie star continued by outlining his justifications.


Father of two and Nollywood star said that many parents are not where they should be because they sacrificed their own development for their kids.


The actor concluded by saying that it was now time for their kids to repay them.


He said: “Dear brothers/sis, Always show your parents respect and honor. Many parents sacrificed their own personal development for yours, which caused them to fall short of their potential. It’s time to make amends.


This comes after Daddy Freeze, a contentious on-air personality, warned mothers to stop taking money from their children with the intention of not returning it.


Freeze made this comment in response to an Instagram post from a user who claimed that when it came time to repay the money his mother had loaned him for a bag, she made up amusing justifications.


When it came time to get the money back, the @Dekunle27 account wrote, “I borrowed someone € 350 to buy a bag, and she’s telling me she carried me for nine months.”


Daddy Freeze responded by saying that this was disguised manipulation and should be avoided.


Let’s be cautious about what we normalize, he said. This is NOT adorable. It is blatantly manipulative.

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