“Make purchasing dark dolls with Afro hair for your girls normal.” by Mary Remmy

Mary Remmy Njoku, a filmmaker and co-founder of iROKOtv, has given advice to African parents on the best ways to tell their children how attractive they are despite their skin tone.


The mother of three made this statement on her official Instagram page, where she also asked African parents to stop purchasing their kids white dolls and start buying brown-skinned dolls with Afro hair.


“African parents must normalize the purchase of brown dolls with Afro hair for young children. This will serve as a helpful reminder to our kids—especially our daughters—of their beauty and individuality. They shouldn’t use white dolls as their benchmark for beauty, she said in the caption of the photo she published on Friday.


Jason Chukwuma Njoku, her husband, has made it apparent that he is not prepared to leave a sizable investment for his children.


The father of three recently said on Mary Njoku’s Twitter page that he and his actress wife owe his children a proper education so that they can support themselves in the future after hearing several times that inherited riches is primarily a burden.




& I put money away to make sure our kids have excellent educations. Then we are done and they are left to fend for themselves. We don’t spend to enjoy today; rather, we save for ourselves. Old money is inferior than young money. It’s a lot funnier. Making an effort to leave as little trace as possible


In a few days, Mary Remmy Njoku and her husband Jason Njoku will wed once again to commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary.


According to what I’ve read, inherited money is mostly a burden, Jason Njoku said. Actually, we don’t purchase a lot of things. We spend money on family outings. We want to remember these experiences when we’re older and less mobile. Life must ultimately be lived. It is a burden in any case. Structured lessens its effect. But the obligations are still there.

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