Lilian Esoro Confesses, “I Sank Into Sadness.”

Actress Lilian Ogechi Esoro has recently provided information about the events surrounding her marriage to Ubi Franklin.


In a recent interview, Lilian Esoro revealed something that many people are unaware of: “My marriage had been fragile from engagement. Some others are certain that the marriage shouldn’t have taken place at all. But now when I stop to think about it, I chose well.


“My kid is now a very significant person to me. With all that has occurred, I can express my sadness when I want to. The concept that marriage isn’t essential but really is is being pushed by social media. A working woman said in the article I was reading that it wasn’t until she got married that people began to appreciate her.


People see marriage as problematic because we’ve spent less time conversing. Everyone is on their phone when you go out to eat somewhere, even though dinner is a time to socialize and reflect on the day. People are hesitant to reveal themselves to one another at first in partnerships.


In 2019, Ubi petitioned for divorce in an Abuja court, but the judge dismissed the case, as Kemi FIlani recollects. The divorce was officially formalized on January 28, 2021 in an Abuja court, with Lilian receiving custody of their son Jayden. The couple’s protracted divorce proceedings had a negative impact on Lilian’s mental health.


She had to get therapy since she fell into despair. On Monday, December 5th, 2022, she sought assistance and made the decision to discuss her problems during a rare Instagram LIVE session with Pastor Bolaji Idowu, the Lead Pastor of Harvesters International Christian Centre (HICC).


She was going to speak about her problems for the first time, and the conversation was illuminating since she was upfront about her depression and the methods she took to recover from it.

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