Lepacious Bose’s response to comedian Peteru’s passing

Bose Ogunboye, better known by her stage name Lepacious Bose, is a prominent Nigerian actress and comedienne who has joined her coworkers in mourning Comedian Peteru’s passing.


Tobi Owomoyela, also known as Peteru, a fast-rising comedian from Ibadan, passed away only a few hours ago, according to a previous report by Kemi Filani.


A famous celebrity in the comedy world because to, among other things, his skill at mimicking people, Peteru was said to have passed away on December 21, 2022.


Lepacious Bose posted on her Instagram page to express her sorrow over his tragic passing.


She penned: Another????



I feel weak after all these deaths.


No, no, no!


I’m worn out!


I’m exhausted!


I’m feeble!


It’s insane and falling apart when negative news comes in quick succession.


Father, might we perhaps take a vacation from all of this suffering and sorrow this year?


I feel like I’m sobbing more than laughing right now.


I’m very worn out.


All I want to do is sleep for a very long time, and when I wake up, perhaps everything will be back to normal.


Similar like a candle in the wind


Before Peteru, a prominent Ibadan-based comedian named Mimic King, Coesowflex King Moore, was shot and killed a few weeks ago during a heist.


Apparently, Coesowflex was murdered on Saturday morning after being robbed in front of a well-liked events venue on Ring Road in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.


On Thursday, he gave a live performance at Dele Omo Woli’s program.


Opeyemi Olaniyi, a coworker of Coesowflex, verified the tragic news on his well-known Facebook page.


We lost a talent, Olaniyan lamented. The Mimic King has vanished. You are missed in Oyo State. The Ibadan branch of NAIJA COMEDIANS/MCs will miss you.


One of the top stand-up comedians in Ibadan and all of Nigeria is Coesowflex. This is really terrible and heartbreaking. Brother, rest in peace King Coesowflex Moore.


“We change, but the world doesn’t. We came upon it and will yet go from it.


“So why are we fighting for something that is not ours? Vanity! Peace be with you, Coesowfl.


“Nigeria let you down! You were a victim of the conditions in Nigeria. Buried, but his mother is still at home and depends on him for support.

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