Julius Agwu “My wife stated she was exhausted”

The allegations about Julius Agwu’s failed marriage to Ibiere Maclayton are true, according to the Nigerian comedian.


Before their separation, the pair had been married for nearly 15 years. Many people assumed that Julius’ health issues were to blame.


Julius said that his marriage was in trouble during an interview with media figure Daddy Freeze.


He said that his wife had left him and that she had grown weary of the union.


“My wife told me she won’t get married to me again. She expressed her boredom with the marriage.


Julius is happy to be alive despite his failed marriage. “I thank God that I am alive,” he remarked. That is why I claimed that God works miraculously while Satan works in mysterious ways.


Speaking further about his health, Julius acknowledged that the reports of his failing health are accurate.


He said that he was hospitalized to a London teaching hospital in 2016 and spent three months there in a coma.


“My health is not the subject of any rumors. It is real. In 2015, I had a brain surgery for a tumor. Just two days before my performance in London, I was sent to the hospital due to an illness.


I spent three months in a coma. I am grateful for my life.

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