Judy Austin Yul -Edochie cautions, “This Christmas, resist peer pressure.”

JudyAustin Yul-Edochie, an actress and director in Nollywood, has advised her followers to resist social pressure this holiday season.


The movie diva, who is Yul Edochie’s second wife, issued this warning on her Instagram page while inquiring about her fans’ holiday preparations.


Capricorn Queen, please! Hello, bunnies! How are you all getting ready for Christmas? Don’t forget to make the best use of your resources. Avoid succumbing to peer pressure! The Girl With a Golden Heart. Her Excellence She credited the photo with the caption, “JudyAustinYul-Edochie.”


In a previous account, Judy Austin Yul-Edochie detailed her experiences as a producer in the fiercely competitive Nigerian film business.


The controversial director said on her Instagram page that her spouse, Yul Edochie, helped her develop as an actor.


Judy Austin expressed her gratitude to God for her progress in mastering her art.


One of the difficult and remarkable aspects of acting, according to the author, is not just being able to interpret your part but also fully embodying your character.


There’s a reason why when people see my movies, they often think about @mercyjohnsonokojie because she’s one of the most authentic and great actors Nollywood has ever produced.


Prior to being directed by His Excellency @yuledochie, I had never interpreted a role with this much depth and sincerity.


Oh, he inspired an outstanding performance from me!


He helped shape me into the actor I am today, and I’m pleased to say that.


And God will keep blessing you in my honor.


When I’m creating, it’s quite tough to get me to concentrate on anything else since I give it everything I’ve got until the work is done!


watch any Judy Austin production you like


When you do, you’ll know why so many people give me their money.


I give thanks to God for his mercy, grace, and love toward me.


I anoint my creation with Jesus’ blood!

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