Jesus Wasn’t A Christian, And He Didn’t Preach Christianity; Instead, He Taught Us To Love.

Daddy Freeze, a media figure, has revealed something startling about Christianity. Jesus wasn’t a Christian, he said, and he didn’t practice or teach Christianity when he was on earth.

The OAP said that Jesus solely taught love, which is the single requirement to make heaven, while unveiling the requirements to enter paradise.


He maintained that being a Christian did not guarantee eternal life. He said that having love for one another is a requirement for entering paradise.


According to Daddy Freeze, persons who embrace non-Christian faiths including Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, and atheism will ultimately enter paradise if they cultivate love.


He continued by saying that most pastors deceive their flocks into thinking that they must be Christian in order to enter paradise.


Will Muslims reach heaven?, Daddy Freeze pondered. “Daddy Freeze, will Muslims create heaven?” someone once asked me. Why not, I questioned. What are the views of Buddhists, Shintoists, and Atheists? It’s feasible, he asked how, I replied. I argued that LOVE, NOT Christianity, is the need for entering Heaven. – FRZ

Matt. 25:31–41

Luke: 10:25 – 37

2 Corinthians 5:10, Revelation 20:12.

Many pastors are attempting to spread a falsehood in order to fund their ministries and keep their monopoly on power. Christ taught us love, not Christianity, and neither was he a Christian.

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