Jade, 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend, Was Arrested After Punching Him

There was another run-in with the law for Tekashi 6ix9ine, but this time, he wasn’t the person who ended up in handcuffs. Throughout his legal ordeal and the years that have followed, 6ix9ine has remained a public and industry pariah of sorts. Although he has managed to secure a few supporters among his peers, including artists who have collaborated with him in the wake of his scandal, there are still several others who keep a safe distance from the rapper.


Jade, 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend, Was Arrested After Punching Him. His girlfriend, Jade, has stayed faithfully by his side through the ups and downs, but according to the Miami Herald, she was recently arrested following an alleged physical altercation with the rapper.


The outlet stated that Jade, real name Rachel Wattley, was reportedly at an upscale restaurant with 6ix9ine when the couple allegedly got into some sort of argument. The pair were “being escorted” out of the location when an officer saw them outside getting “into a verbal argument.” When asked about the rift, 6ix9ine reportedly told police that Jade “punched him.” A security guard would corroborate the rapper’s story, saying he saw Jade punch Tekashi multiple times, and a police report showed that 6ix9ine “had a visible minor injury to his left cheek.”


Although 6ix9ine reportedly left the scene, the officer recognized him and listed him in the police report. The document also stated that 6ix9ine and Jade have been in a relationship for three years and share a child. Neither has spoken on the incident at the time of this publication.


Jade was arrested and has been charged with misdemeanor battery.


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