Jackie Appiah’s rumored engagement to the president of Liberia has drawn mixed comments.

According to rumors going about, George Oppong Weah, president of Liberia, and Jackie Appiah, a well-liked actress from Ghana, are engaged.


According to a Ghanaian site, the couple intends to be hitched on December 26, 2022.


The website claims that Jackie and the president have been dating for a while. When he was still a senator in 2016, the two started dating.


Furthermore, it was said that the president was responsible for constructing Jackie’s one-of-a-kind huge home in Ghana.



Numerous people disagree on the highly coveted actress in light of the article. Many people agreed with the claims, yet others advocated for the actress.


“The objectives of every actress in Nollywood is to join politics,” stated one Darot Peace Dude.


No wonder, one Queendest Beddings wrote. now seems to make sense to me


“That Asaba actress dun go bring out Jackie leg,” one Onome Bae commented.


We all knew she was dating a president, we simply didn’t know which one,” wrote Laydee Nene. The very best


“Na now we know where the home money originated from,” wrote Jane Udensi. Under the sun, nothing can remain concealed for very long. Best wishes to them


“No surprise she owns one of the nicest mansions in Ghana,” one Nyere wrote. How did she become rich, I wondered.


One Floxy Ray said, “If that’s it, she went for a pretty large fish, unlike our Nigerian actresses who sleep with anyone when their hungry husbands have straight backs and phones.”


“Women are not against polygamy, dey simply detest it with a poor guy,” wrote one Conleth Hills.


“Leave this woman alone, she’s not in a relationship with him, your falsehoods are too many, and your lies may kill people,” One Virtue London wrote.


This is not accurate, a Sundaimah wrote. Our president isn’t acting in this manner.


Jackie Appiah is purportedly carrying the president of Liberia’s child.

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