It’s not appropriate at all for Wizkid to disparage his coworkers, – Susan Peter

Susan Peters, a Nollywood actress, has joined her coworkers in criticizing Wizkid for disparaging the Nigerian rap scene.


Except for its equivalents in Ghana, rap music, according to the award-winning performer, is dead and dull in Nigeria.


Susan Peters was shocked by this and questioned why Wizkid would disparage his coworkers in such a way.


The actress wrote: “Dear WizKid, disparaging your coworkers is very wrong on your verified Instagram profile. We are the most self-centered people on planet, so I have no idea why we act in this way, but I suppose it’s just who we are. We are dying because of the “me, me, me” mentality, and yet we still whine about the government. You are where the transformation must begin for us.


We talk about corruption even though we all engage in it; some people won’t hire you, some won’t post about you on their pages, some won’t sign some artists, and some won’t celebrate you even though you do. God created very self-centered people, but for what?


Meanwhile, if it’s gossip, people will publish and broadcast it without asking; this behavior has to cease. Change our collective thinking, kocho!


“Once you speak the truth, people stop listening to you. The world prefers those who play politics, and that’s the issue.


Susan Peters recommended that Africans encourage one another and avoid making foreign musicians feel superior on the same thread.


“Let’s all be the change we want Mbuk,” she said, “since all this vanity will stop one day. Let’s be more kind and less selfish, Oloun.


Respectfully posted, if you violate this in any way you will be blocked.


Any problems Una don’t mention Snoop, lmao, Una be Africans? Moral standards and priorities have been abandoned, so please rest! We continue to engage in the Battle of Musanga because of imitations made by the West.

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