Internet scammers and others are urged to invest in filmmaking by Gideon Okeke.

One of Nollywood’s most popular performers, Gideon Okeke, has gone above and above to demonstrate how much he values his work and the potential for the sector to expand.


Okeke advocated for funding in the Nollywood film industry on his Instagram page. He continued by expressly urging Internet scammers, sometimes known as “Yahoo lads,” to invest in filmmaking since it will eventually be successful.


Okeke emphasized that cinema is for life since it may provide more money than predicted in order to support his claim about investing in the business.


Okeke advised affluent children, women of easy virtue, and ladies of easy virtue to contact their families to discuss business.


He said: If you have money… Purchase a movie now. E Dey Market is going like wildfire, yo. All the Yahoo lads, wey Don’t let the money go off the road.


Buy movie tickets. Your money should work for you. Make them work for you by sending Creatives a note.


Simply maintain a minimum of 50M. Dem Dey run am, the remainder. Put a 200% profit margin on maybe just one exposure in your sights now.


Don’t forget that the movie is FOR LIFE, too. You Dey feel for Me, huh? It is doable.


Has your father any money? He is a “Holderness and Lambert,” isn’t he? Am worried. Never let me relax.


Are you looking for a place to hide money for your sugar daddy? Come on, let’s discuss. Tell me how we’re going to take run am, please. Film sales are soaring, so!

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