“I’ll let Alhaja know about you.” VJ Adams is warned by Bimbo Ademoye.

Since the announcement of actress Bimbo Ademoye’s engagement to well-known VJ Adams, the internet hasn’t stopped talking about the couple.


The internet is now home to a resurrected video of VJ Adams hinting at his connection with Bimbo.


In the film, VJ Adams played a practical joke on Bimbo by seeming to have secured a contract for a porn endorsement. She had been persuaded to accept the lucrative offer by the well-liked VJ.


He said he would disguise his face and get a million dollars in exchange for participating to persuade her even more. He tried convincing her multiple times, but Bimbo wouldn’t listen.


Bimbo became irate and threatened to denounce him to his mother, a “Alhaja,” rather than being persuaded.


She questioned the brand’s decision to utilize him—of all celebrities—for such unethical behavior.


She further expressed her dissatisfaction by asking whether he had forgotten his past.

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