Ifuennda shouts out, “I don’t date for money.”

Large Brother Nigeria Iheme Faith Uloma, better known as Ifu Ennada, a reality TV show star, has once more warned trolls to watch out for connecting her progress and professional success to a man.


On Wednesday night, the controversial actress slammed a troll who claimed she constantly flaunted erotic photos on Instagram because she sleeps with married men on her Instagram page.


Please tell me how to handle such individuals. Observe how my efforts are being linked to having affairs with fictitious married guys.


Is it really the case that nobody realizes or appreciates how hard I work? Or do I present a lifestyle that seems to be beyond my means?


I’ve always had to work for everything I have since I don’t have wealthy parents, and I don’t even date people for their money. If the few men I dated were able to write publicly about me, they would tell you that I was always satisfied with my resources and what they could provide for me, so they never paid my bills. They would claim that I am a lady of my own.


This Godforsaken Amarachi has now threatened to kill me. What the hell, guys?


When I show skin, it’s usually to promote my brand; if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that everything I do is planned out.


Do I not have any control over my body as an adult?


Why can’t these individuals unfollow me if they really dislike my content?


I’m sad and angry, I swear. I would pay this b*tch a visit that she would detest but always remember if I knew where she lived.


How is it possible for a woman to say this to me?


Do you guys believe that I am emotionless?

My life has been hell the last few weeks, and I’ve been struggling with both my physical and mental health. I need to find a way to deal with this. Guys, I’m worn out.


Ifu Ennada continued by profanely denouncing the report that had accused her of leading a bad life.


“@amarachi.chukwuemeka May you always be plagued by pain and suffering. May all of your efforts be in vain, and may someone else receive the credit for you,” she added.

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