‘If you get pregnant via another guy, tell your spouse right away.

Christabel Egbenya, a Nollywood actress, has counseled women to be honest with their boyfriends if they cheat and become pregnant outside from the marital house.


In an interview with Saturday Beats, the married mother of one emphasized that getting a paternity test does not automatically mean one doesn’t trust their spouse. She said that a few kids had been switched about in the hospital.


“I see no issue with doing a paternity test. It isn’t always because the individual fears adultery. Children have sometimes been swapped at hospitals and handed to other parents, she claimed.


“If you did anything (extramarital affair) outside and got pregnant, and you feel you need to open up to your spouse, go ahead and speak to him,” Egbenya urged women to always be honest in their relationships. Some guys can feel at ease in this scenario and have no problem with the mother keeping the kid. Hiding such knowledge from a spouse is unacceptable.


“It’s okay if the guy decides to take up the child’s upbringing. Men leave their marriages to have children after all, and then they return to beg their spouses.


Additionally, the actress advised married men to break ties with reckless friends who would try to influence them to engage in extramarital relationships. You should chop them off, she said. Not dating, but marriage is what we’re talking about.

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