I went from working as a cleaner to buying a house.

Shade Ladipo, a media personality, has described how she moved from working as a cleaner in Canada to owning a property.

The OAP claimed that she moved to Canada from Nigeria in 2020 but was unable to find employment for the first three months after arriving.


She claims that she ultimately found employment as a gym cleaner, where she spent the next six months. Because of the epidemic, the gym was forced to close, and she had to make do with her government wage.


She worked at a terrible firm for three months after finding another employment there, despite the fact that the work almost drove her crazy.


The pay she received while working at the crap firm was double when she ultimately secured her ideal job in Canada.


The OAP said that six months after landing her ideal job in Canada, she purchased her first home there.


She said, while recounting her less than happy experience, that people only talk about their successes without discussing the difficult moments they had to through.


“I landed in Canada on March 20, 2020,” she said. Finding a job took me three months. I ended up getting a job as a cleaner at a gym. I worked there for six months until the gym was closed due to COVID, and I was supported by the government during that time.


I was almost driven insane by my $60k work at a terrible firm.

After three months, I departed and prayed to God for a twofold reward for my suffering.

I found a job two months later that paid me three times as much, and six months later I purchased my first house in Canada.


Why am I distributing this?

People never share the difficult times; they only tell or display the floss.

I’ve had some rough times.

One of the most difficult years of my life was 2020, but I managed to get through it.


Embrace the procedure!

Everything good will happen.

Sincerely, if you can succeed in Lagos, you can succeed anywhere. I was built for this in Nigeria.

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