“I Spoke To My Mother About The Guy Who Brings Me Joy.” Blessing Nkechi

Nkechi Blessing, a Nollywood actress, recalled her emotional trip to her mother’s cemetery in Ibadan.


The contentious actress said that she had traveled by car from Lagos to Ibadan to see her mum and tell her about her experiences since leaving.


Nkechi said that she informed her about her new boyfriend, her son’s outstanding academic accomplishments, her most recent successes, and a whole lot more. She continued by saying she could hear her mother’s voice encouraging her to keep being brave and strong.


“I took a car from Ibadan to Lagos before going right to meet my mother. She left us after I informed her about my most recent successes and my activities over the previous year. She was informed of the trolls and hatred, as well as the love and support I had gotten from both family and strangers. I told her about the person who makes me happy and how well-behaved Elijah is at school. emphasized to her how mature a lady Jennifer is. I gave her all the information she required, and I can already hear her voice encouraging me to continue being the resilient and brave kid she gave me to. I will love you always, Mom, till we part ways once again.


Last year, Nkechi Blessing’s mother passed away only five days before her birthday, devastating the actress and her family.

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