“I never want to lose my house,” T. Abraham

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has said that losing her husband and home is her worst fear.


The actress said that she is afraid of losing another marriage and her house. She had already been divorced from her coworker, Adeniyi Johnson.


In a recent interview with Media Room Hub, Toyin Abraham made this clear and pledged to never abandon Kolawole Ajeyemi. Toyin said audaciously that she and her spouse are inseparable.


She claims that she is unable to see herself and her spouse living apart.


She takes solace in the fact that God has preordained her marriage, so she no longer has to be afraid.


“I never want to have to leave my house. I never want to have a dysfunctional family. I can’t see my spouse and I living apart. The only thing I’m afraid of is something I can’t conceive. My spouse cannot leave me, but I can leave him. But there is nothing to be afraid of since I know that God has preordained it.

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