“I hope you get married out of love, not out of family or social pressure.”

Speed Darlington, a Nigerian rapper living in the US, responded to DJ Cuppy’s engagement.


The millionaire daughter’s engagement to her fiance in Dubai was first reported by FlickerMusic


Cuppy has been living her best life and sharing affectionate videos with her boyfriend ever since the news surfaced.


The rapper asked the disc jockey if she had married out of love or out of peer pressure from her father, which she took to be advice.


He said how it is considered improper in African tradition for a younger sister to marry before her older sister.


He therefore hopes that Cuppy didn’t hasten their romance in order to surpass Temi Otedola, who is engaged to singer Mr. Eazi, and Cuppy.


The DJ Cuppy Dem don’t carry you with a Rolex watch, I’ve heard. Despite all the warnings I don’t give you, you still end up with another guy and not him.


I hope it’s for love, that you get married for love, and that you don’t get married under your dad’s peer pressure. Because in Africa, the oldest sister is expected to marry first.

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