“I don’t get paid for performing, and no deity is financing me.” Opeyemi

Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola has said that she is reducing her coat to fit her size, unlike her colleagues.


The actress and mother of two lamented on Instagram that she doesn’t get enough money from movies, writing as follows:


“Ended 2021 on the set of MALAOLU by @titijejefilms and for the first time I graciously purchased 1 piece of land in IB but now God has graciously rocketed me from 1 to…….. Alhamdulillah Jehovah,” the actor said on Instagram.



I don’t earn much money in my line of work or position in the Yoruba industry, and I don’t have a Godfather or Godmother, but I have my little kingdom, which is expanding, thanks to my ability to cut my coat according to my cloth, ignore social media pressures and industry pressures, ignore isonu testimonies, avoid crowds, stay in my lane, and hold strong to my faith in God and myself.

Your little droplets can undoubtedly become a powerful ocean with effort, focus, intelligence, and divine intervention (it’s not too late to start),” she said.

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