“I am sobbing like a baby” Akindele Funke

People with disabilities boldly demonstrated support for Funke Akindele’s film, Battle on Buka Streets, leaving the Nollywood actress and producer dumbfounded.


Funke sent a heartfelt thank you message to Bethesda School, a facility for the blind, for going above and above to help her.


Three disabled people were taken by the school to a movie theater to see Battle on Buka Street.


Funke expressed her appreciation and said that the video had left her speechless and inconsolable.


Funke Akindele posted the video again and said,


“Oh Lord, who am I that you should be thinking about me?


Wow!!!! I can’t even speak. This is enormous! I appreciate you coming out to support me, @bethesda scho. You have no idea how much this means to me. I’m sobbing openly right now! Much appreciation for your affection. Godspeed to everyone. I adore you a lot. I want God to provide me the ability to always be there for you as well. Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot! Many thanks.

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