“How my family and friends Saved Me ” Ekun Chinko

Oladipo Emmanuel, better known by his stage name Chinko Ekun, a fast-rising rapper and songwriter, has shared how kind people prevented him from developing depression.


In an interview with Saturday Beats, he claimed that having positive people in his life prevented him from becoming depressed during difficult times.


He claimed that at the time, he had just ended his relationship with his record label and had lost money in an investment fraud.


“When it all occurred, I was traumatized and unable to cope. I was ordered to go outside. I had to relocate to Victoria Island on the Lagos mainland in order to clear my head. I was forced out of my comfort zone. I didn’t make many friends while I was on the island; most were just acquaintances.


“Good people must be nearby if you’re feeling down. I always had my lawyer, my best friend, my DJ, my manager, and my video director by my side. My family was never far away. They were continually telling me to keep trying. My community of kindred spirits supported me throughout that time in my life.

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