How I Rekindled My Love Life After Ending My Ten-year Marriage

They claim that love is a wonderful and rapidly growing force. Charity Nnaji, a Nigerian actress, claims that after ending her 10-year marriage, she has discovered love once again.


Nnaji recently discussed her thoughts on closeness in partnerships in an interview.


“I don’t understand why a man who loves a female shouldn’t be intimate with her,” she remarked. Since I am not having an affair with my partner and he is not having an intimate relationship with me, he either has it elsewhere or is homosexual or bisexual.


“The previous man I dated was behaving strange, and I didn’t like it. He pretended to love me, but we never had any sexual relations.


Speaking about those who would choose not to have sex before marriage due to religious beliefs, Nnaji said, “This current generation has a different perspective of sex before marriage; compared to what prevailed in the days of our parents. Not all young men can date a woman without having sexual relations with her.


Charity Nnaji recalled the reason she ended her marriage: “I left my marriage because of domestic abuse. I can put up with a guy having business problems, but if he hits me, I can no longer put up with him. I can murder people with what I endured in that house. Living alone as a mother was my worst fear, but I had to make the brave decision to leave.


“Ever since I left, a lot has changed in my life,” she stated when asked about the lessons she had learned from her failed marriage. I now know how to live with people and can manage any connection. Second, I feel relieved right now. Money cannot purchase happiness. No matter what one accomplishes in life, one should take care to keep their mind at peace. I had a ten-year marriage. I divorced my husband four years ago.


Charity Nnaji said that she had discovered love once again and was waiting before sharing the news on social media. I am in a relationship, and I simply need some time,” she said. I don’t want to use social media to introduce him just yet. Since that is what individuals on social media do, I don’t want them to sabotage our connection. Even if something is positive, some Nigerians would always look for the flaws.

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