Fathers, could you please give your kids a hug? — Broda Shaggi

Popular comedian Broda Shaggi has urged African fathers to make it a practice to offer their children love on a regular basis.

He advised dads to give their kids plenty of hugs and encouraging words in a blog post.


According to Broda Shaggi, he is eager to show his unborn children his affection.


He continued by saying that dads’ affectionate displays toward their kids should become more commonplace.


He stated:


Fathers in Africa, please embrace your kids! Love them—it really does matter!


You go give me my first embrace when Pikin wins enters the university, not now.


Every morning when my future children wake up, I want them to say, “Daddy, I love you.” I am eager to get them so near to my heart that they will be able to hear every pulse.


Make it commonplace to express your affection for your children.


Their confidence and self-esteem will increase as a result of just one action.

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