Enioluwa, a media personality, advises people to observe a Detty December.

Enioluwa Adeolu, an on-air media personality, has urged his fans and followers to leave the house this holiday season.

The OAP encouraged his fans and followers to spend the month of December with friends and family by tweeting a recommendation on the microblogging site.


He said that while most activities this season are free, most people choose to remain home and cite money as a justification.


Therefore, in order to avoid boredom over the holiday season, he recommended people to relax, have fun, and unwind.


You’re not furniture, he said. Get out of your home. This December, get out. Have a good time. Unwind. Relax. I understand that some of you might object because many events around this time are free. cling to your pal. Join your family in visiting Mama Put. Go sit anywhere in the Garden. Sha get out of here.

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