Empress Njamah sobs and reveals the blackmailer’s face.

Empress Njamah, a Nollywood actress, has been honest about what is really happening in her life and on her social media accounts.


The movie diva said she created the post under pressure because she was being blackmailed by a guy who entered her life when she was weak. The celebrity had released a video on her verified Instagram profile announcing her engagement.


Empress Njamah announced on Thursday that she is officially single by posting a photo of her engagement ring on Instagram.


“Finally off the market,” she wrote.


However, Uche Elendu warned that the actress’ Instagram account had been hacked and not her engagement ring.


Additionally, that she is now being extorted using the account


Please ignore any posts from the page of @empressnjamah. She is NOT engaged, and she did not write that on her page; instead, a hacker has her phones and is extorting money from her. Please disregard each and every post, Uche Elendu wrote.


Empress Njamah detailed what she had been going through on a business website in response to Uche Elendu’s claims.


She also requested assistance from the Nigerian police in locating her extortionist, who she said had access to her private recordings and had stolen millions of naira’s worth of her property.


“I would want to alert everyone that my account @empressnjamah has been compromised and is vulnerable to scams. Please avoid contacting or transacting with this IG account as I do not currently have access to it.


Previous postings claiming to be engaged were FALSE! Please ignore; the post was created by a dishonest Liberian who wants to damage my reputation.


pretending to be My fiancé


Under duress, that video was produced.


The fraudster has my phone, contacts, email, bank account, IG account, as well as my vehicle, foreign passport, and other assets.


I’m being coerced into paying $450,000.


stating that he lent me the money…


Please be wary of these doubtful people who seem sincere and well-intentioned but are really “The Devil,” whose only goal is to damage, deceive, and destroy everyone they come into touch with.


He also said that he had connections, either personal or professional, with a few celebrities. I did some research to back up this claim, however, and found that all of the information he supplied about his previous deals was untrue. Please use caution while dealing with people, whether it is for professional or personal reasons. Some individuals want to trick you. I am, sadly, a victim.

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