Elon Musk considers resigning as Twitter’s CEO, according to a poll

Elon Musk, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter, may be thinking about leaving the position after just a little over two months on the job.

Sunday night, Musk posted a poll on his verified account asking followers to decide whether or not he should resign as CEO of Twitter. Musk also promised to follow the poll’s findings.


Should I resign as Twitter’s CEO?” he tweeted. I’ll follow the results of this poll.


He regularly altered Twitter’s policies without prior warning and by executive fiat, and he also banned users who disobeyed his new regulations.


Following a violent debate with the presenter of a Twitter Space he attended, Musk recently deactivated the Twitter Space function from the app.


However, the business said that Space was shut down due to a minor error. After user complaints, it was later restored.


Musk tweeted Sunday night that every significant policy change will henceforth be put to a vote in what seemed to be contrition for his unexpected policy changes.

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