Ehi Ogbebor, MC Oluomo’s ex, accuses the maid of hacking her.

Ehi Ogbebor, an interior designer and ex-girlfriend of MC Oluomo, has accused one of her maids of breaking into her safe and stealing $11,000.


The well-known fashion designer explained how she took her money, which amounts to roughly N8 million, in a series of photos on her Instagram page.


Ehi Ogbebor said that a few days before, she had handed her son the money to store in her safe. When she requested him to bring the money last night, she later realized it was gone.


Ehi Ogbebor makes a maid public.

The money was located during a search of the maid, who was scheduled to quit today.


They discovered her phone after additional searching, and her communications with Bureau de change employees were made public. She was usually referred to as “Madam” by the operators, who are affectionately known as Mallam, who believed she was of a higher standing.


“Be cautious this season, everyone…


This girl broke into my safe and took $11,000, or $8,000,000 all at once. God confused her and was on my side… She resided in my home despite having this money for days. Last night, I had the intuition to examine where my safe was. She was supposed to leave today, Saturday, and be gone for good! She was turned over to the police after receiving several slaps, but these maids are skilled crooks who collaborate.

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