Do2dtun: How I stopped a fan from committing suicide

Hype Man Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode, also known as Do2dTun (pronounced D-O-To-The-T-U-N), an on-air personality, video jockey, actor, and media entrepreneur, recalls saving a fan from attempting suicide.


In a recent interview with the Guardian, Do2dtun, who founded a group called Xtreme Dancers while still in college and has been in music videos for songs like D’banj’s Why Me and Dj Zeez’s Same Ni, discussed this chapter of his professional journey.


The father of two beautiful kids discussed an intriguing turn in his professional path and his will to go further. He said: “When I first began out with my stage name, I recall a broadcaster questioned me, ‘What sort of name is that?'” But years later, he referred to me as “DO2DTUN,” which made me laugh. As a result, if you want to advance in whatever you do in life, you may need to work hard before you can get recognition for it. For me, the twist was in the way I started the hype. I launched a radio program called “Party Club Mix.” There is usually a DJ and a guy with a microphone at each dancehall you see. I tried it on the radio and it was successful. I began receiving invites to clubs at that time. Although the club didn’t have a hype guy at the time, I turned it into a lucrative business, which is how the hype movement in Africa got its start. Now, there isn’t a party without a hype guy.


I am inspired by my passion for what I do and the motivational messages I get that light a fire in the hearts of people, he said. Being a father and seeing through my children’s eyes their pride in their father and their realization of their own potential. Another thing that motivates me is the ability to make others smile. I once asked a man on a program if he was OK as I kept glancing at him. Later, he admitted to me that he had intended to kill himself that evening and was grateful I had reached out to him.

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