Do not let anybody touch your head.

Timi Dakolo, a Nigerian musician, has warned people to be aware of individuals who put their hands on their heads during prayers.


On Friday night, he made this claim in a post from his official Twitter account.


If someone had been negligent in the past, Dakolo further encouraged them not to let this happen to their children.


The singer did not specify, however, what inspired his counsel.


It is crucial that you avoid letting anybody or anything touch your head in the guise of prayer, he said.


“If you’ve been irresponsible in the past, don’t let it happen to your kids.”


It is crucial that you refuse to allow anybody or anything place their hand on your head during a prayer. Make sure it doesn’t happen to your kids if you have a history of negligence.


People may definitely be very renowned and yet be in debt, as Timi Dakolo has previously explained with clarity.


In a tweet that said, “You can be incredibly famous, I mean really famous and yet be poor,” the Grammy-winning performer made this point clear.


Dakolo, who is renowned for posting illuminating and inspiring content on his social media platforms, recently urged newcomers to allow themselves time to develop.


When he said that one’s beginnings shouldn’t be compared to another person’s experience, the musician posted this on his profile.


“Just so you’re aware. Nobody got off to a particularly strong start. We acquired knowledge while working. You shouldn’t compare your beginnings to someone else’s ten years of experience. That is really unjust to what you are doing. Give yourself space to develop, the tweet said.

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