Dj Cuppy Tells His Fiancée, “I’m Part Of Your Family Now”

As she meets with Ryan Taylor’s parents, the eager bride-to-be DJ Cuppy has embraced Ryan Taylor’s family wholeheartedly.


The billionaire’s daughter, who has been overflowing with PDAs and love words on Instagram, has formally accepted her fiance’s family as her own.


Just a few days after Cuppy visited her in-laws was first reported by Kemi Filani News, she uploaded pictures from the family gathering.


Cuppy captioned it and said that she is now a member of Taylor’s family.


“Hi! My name is Cuppy, and I have just joined your family.


Meeting with DJ Cuppy’s in-laws

A few days ago, DJ Cuppy finally met the father of her fiancé, Ryan Taylor, according to a story from Kemi Filani news.


The affluent Otedola family’s daughter has been visiting his loved ones. Her friendship with the British boxer seems to be becoming stronger every day.


Ryan posted images of the pair on his Instagram accounts. He emphasized the value of family in his caption. Ryan said that his father is a workaholic who won’t stop working for anything or anybody, which is why he went looking for him with his girlfriend, DJ Cuppy.


“I’m not responsible for the image of myself you have in your head. Family comes first in everything. (We hunted down my dad since he won’t stop working for anything or anybody)

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