Deborah publishes pre-wedding images and introduces her future spouse

Deborah, the first daughter of Pastor Paul Enenche, has shared images of herself and her boyfriend, Sam, taken before their engagement. Deborah’s lavish wedding is scheduled for this month in Abuja.


Deborah Enenche enthusiastically gushed about her partner, introducing him as “Meet Sam. not a little Samuel. Only Sam. He underwent rebirth. I am his age. He is also Idoma.


He took economics classes. He has a prosperous business. He’s a really smart dude. He has a heart that is so pure.


He knows and loves my Abba, and that is most essential. He fulfills my longing for love. He’s the love I’ve been waiting for. He fulfills what my Abba promised: love.


Deborah Eneche said, “Thank you for being an expression of God’s love for me and to me, in another post. I can’t wait to be with you forever. I heart you with every beat.

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