Dating is more difficult today, according to Funke Akindele’s ex-husband.

After his relationship with his former wife, Funke Akindele, turned sour, Nigerian rapper Abdul Bello, also known as JJC Skillz, detailed his most recent dating experience.


This was said by JJC Skillz in response to a comment made by Comedian Lafup, a colleague in the entertainment sector, on an Instagram post.


Lafup written. Dating is difficult now since you never know whether the other person needs support or affection.


The ex-husband of Funke Akindele reacted by saying, “100%,” in agreement with the remark.


When questioned about his current relationship with Funke Akindele during a previous interview, he had said, “When it comes to me and my wife, we are together forever when it comes to our children and what we have built.”


Recall that Nollywood actress Funke Akindele’s second marriage had failed amid scandal.


Akindele wed Adeola Kehinde Oloyede on May 26, 2012. But in July 2013, the couple filed for divorce, citing their irreconcilable differences.


In May 2016, the actress found love once again and wed JJC Skillz in London.


Sadly, the marriage did not last, and this past week JJC announced the dissolution of their seven-year partnership, which had given birth to two children.


He also acknowledged that there had been problems in the marriage over the last two years.


JJC, who had three children with various women before to his marriage to Funke Akindele, revealed that the actress requested him to leave her home and rejected all attempts at reasonable dialogue.


He claims that their marriage is now beyond saving, and while he makes the revelation, he is considering how they can easily raise their children and run their joint company.


In an interview with The Sun Newspaper, JJC revealed that their relationship was really finished. He also gave advise on marriage to young people who had not yet entered the institution.


“The breakup is permanent. God controls it. But I often tell people getting married to treat their spouses like siblings or parents. We are led to think that in a marriage, two people become one, so let go, forget, and go on.

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