Considering That Some Women Aspire To Be The Head, I Stroke My Wife’s Ego.

Actor Junior Pope from Nollywood explained how he controls his wife’s ego to keep her from leaving the house.


The actor said how some women aspire to be the head of the family in an interview with Saturday Beats.


He said that he often strokes his wife’s ego and explains to her that her role is to be the head of the household in order to stop her from following in their footsteps.


Some women want to be the head of the household, he remarked. They only want to be heard at times. I make every effort to stroke my wife’s ego and convince her that she is the backbone of the family. A man’s status cannot be taken away from him since God bestowed it on him.


Junior Pope pointed out how many aspects of marriage have evolved as women are no longer just relegated to the kitchen. He continued, saying some wives no longer prepare meals, and their husbands are OK with it.


He said that he involves his wife in all of his plans and that she chose all of the automobiles he has.


“My wife picked the color for almost all of the automobiles I own. It is necessary to carry the lady. Problems in a house may be resolved in this way. Women are increasingly widely exposed, and the kitchen is no longer where they belong. In reality, some women no longer prepare meals, and some men are OK with it. The stomach is no longer the road to a man’s heart, he added (laughing).


The actor also agreed that a guy should be held accountable if his house burns down.

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