Burna Boy’s pervasive disregard

Every action Burna Boy has taken since winning the musical kingdom seems to be an effort to denigrate everyone save himself and to show ongoing scorn for his peers in the music business.


This is unexpected coming from a man who refers to himself as a “African Giant” and says the war he is engaged in is not only about him but also about respect for African artists.


Burna Boy regularly seems to attack other singers on social media, most notably Davido, even though it’s nothing new.


A great artwork can be seen on an Instagram post that was made after Davido referred to himself and Wizkid as the “2 best of all time.”


Burna makes a comment that says, “Everyone knows you cannot play football…but your daddy owns the football team,” demonstrating his extreme confidence in himself and his abilities. He dislikes being left out of conversations, particularly ones that suggest grandeur.


We can all agree that Davido’s father’s name privilege cannot be taken away from his story; evidence of it opening doors or facilitating access can be seen throughout his rise; however, to make that the main focus of his success in this era, more than ten years after he started this journey, is wildly unfair and is not a Davido problem; rather, it is a “Burna Boy” problem.


Yes, Davido’s father is very wealthy, but many people have chosen to ignore the fact that he put his father’s support for his career at danger.


Davido first placed his father’s support at jeopardy in order to follow his ambition. He also offered Flytime owner Cecil Hammond his demo CD in the hopes of being signed, even though he didn’t need the agreement. The decision to contact Modenine, who was the more well-known musician at the time, and ask him to record over a beat he created was also made by someone who was prepared to put in the effort, ignoring his father’s considerable bank pile.


Should we discuss Burna Boy’s criticism of Wizkid and Wizkid FC?


After mentioning a video of professor and Nobel Prize winner for literature Wole Soyinka discussing the elimination of history from the national school curriculum, Burna Boy criticized the Wizkid FC members.


The singer replied with a picture of @Mista Mdee from Wizkid FC and the following message:


I already told the same thing, but Wizkid Delusional Twitter fc said that I was lying. Maybe Wizkid would have a wiser Twitter FC instead of moron like this if your genuine history was taught in your schools.

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