Bobrisky Makes Fun Of Papaya Ex Because Few People Attended Her Housewarming Celebration.

Influencer Papaya Ex has been made fun of by well-known crossdresser Bobrisky for hosting a ‘boring’ housewarming party.


Due to the World Cup final and Davido’s performance in Qatar, the influencer’s much-anticipated party last night did not become popular.


At her celebration, the socialite didn’t get much attention since everyone was focused on the world cup, Davido, and the Ijakumo movie premiere.


Bobrisky made fun of her on his Snapchat for the lack of attendees at her event. At her function, he saw that everything was dry and that all the seats were vacant.


“All I see is dry.


What did you watch during the World Cup’s finals, by the way? I manage trash, God no go make d little money.


Brisky makes fun of Papaya Ex


Further, Bobrisky likened his pre-housewarming celebration to Papaya, which was neither ostentatious or well-publicized.


Oh, that was before the housewarming, but go to the doctor.


initial view White gold and diamond jewelry worth $11 million. We don’t dress in t*sh.


Even your favorite pre-housewarming cake cannot compare to mine…


and the primary party is not divided.


See my neck gold may purchase your preferred home.


But hold on! Why are those seats empty?

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