Biodun Okeowo’s boyfriend presents her with a large sum of money.

Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo has written a blog post thanking her boyfriend for the wonderful birthday surprise he gave her.


The Yoruba actress entered a new age, Kemi Filani revealed a few days ago.


Her lover had thrown her a surprise party for her birthday. Biodun said that he had intended to surprise her with expensive presents with the help of her close friends.


She had received many gifts from Biodun Okeowo’s men, including a package of cash, a cake, shoes, and cake.


Biodun Okeowo thanked him for the affection while still reeling from the shocking event.


“Love is a wonderful thing, in fact,”


Words cannot express how delighted and enthralled I was.


You and Ifeoluwa plotted this, and you got me.


I was tricked out of the home by LOL.


I’m extremely grateful for my support system. You will never run out of money. You won’t remember a finer day in the past. I HEART YOU.


This time, I’ve chosen to tag you, @akremad.

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