Bina is surprised by Josh2funny with a Mercedes-Benz.

Joshua Alfred, often known as Josh2funny, a skitmaker and video producer, surprised his wife Bina with a Mercedes-Benz.


The stunning mother of one, Bina, shared the unexpected present she got from her husband on her Instagram page. She also uploaded a video showing her excitement.


She thanked her spouse in the caption of her photo and said that Josh2funny had helped her in ways that she was unable to describe. Bina also expressed her gratitude to her husband for keeping his promise and expressed her happiness that she accepted his marriage proposal.


She expressed her gratitude in the following words: “The gratitude in my heart is full. It’s not any special day, but you made it special my love. How do I thank God? How do I thank you my love. There’s so much to say to you. It’s God in heaven who will reward you for all you do. There are so many great things you do. I can’t offload all of them, but I’m sure glad I said yes to you. I’m happy I trusted the process you


Josh2funny responded to her message by saying that she deserves everything nice in life and thanking her for her patience.


You deserve everything nice I give you, and I appreciate you waiting, he wrote.

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