Before The End Of 2022, You May Still Find The Love Of Your Life. – Cuppy

Cuppy, a DJ jockey and millionaire heiress from Nigeria, has some advice for those who are still unmarried.


Before the year is up, Dj Cuppy said that it is still possible to discover true love.


The singer announced this on Instagram on Monday, December 26, only days after she and her fiancé Ryan Taylor became engaged.


A few days remain before 2023…


But before the year is out, you may still find the love of your life, she said.


DJ Cuppy flaunted her diamond engagement ring on social media on Tuesday and published images from her meeting with her fiancé’s family, according to a previous story by Kemi Filani.


Cuppy may be seen with her future husband, British boxer Ryan Taylor, as well as his mother and father in the Instagram pictures.


Cuppy said in the post’s caption that she has now joined the family.


“Hello, my name is Cuppy, and I’m now a member of your family,” she wrote.


Cuppy claimed that she met her fiance 25 days before they were engaged and that they were engaged in November.


Femi Otedola, the rich businessman’s daughter, said earlier in July that she could afford to go to the greatest locations in the world but bemoaned the fact that, despite how perfect her life seemed to be, she appeared to have gotten relationships wrong.


She had mentioned waiting for the right person on various occasions. Cuppy said she couldn’t wait to experience becoming engaged, just like her younger sister Temi.


The singer doesn’t yet have dates for the solemnization of their marriage, but it seems that her desire has come true.

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