Bb Naija Tega Enumerates Her Preferences For A Guy.

After making a statement on her Twitter account, Big Brother Naija alumna Tega Dominic got some people talking.


Tega, who had caused controversy after her antics with fellow ex-housemate Pere Egbi during their season, posted a list of requirements for a possible partner on the microblogging site Twitter.


The items on the list are qualities he looks for in a faithful male buddy in a non-marital relationship.


She said she would adore a faithful male friend, who would be a confidant and a companion, and they would live together and have children. However, none of them would have any legal force.


“I want a faithful friend, confidant, crazy in love, companion, a partner, we can have children, live together, have our lives together, create our lives together, earn money even have joint accounts, but not married,” she said.


The contentious former Big Brother Naija contestant has discussed how she handles haters.


She thinks she is superior to anybody lurking behind the computers to attack her since she is a single mother.


Tega Dominic added that she deals with trolls by making fun of them.


She also recalled a time when her management tweeted that she was having problems with her mental health and that she did not like it.


Tega Dominic asserts that the tweet was untrue and that her writings were a representation of her feelings at the time.


These remarks were made by Tega Dominic on her talk program, “The Pandora Show.” “There was a point when my management tweeted about my mental health being impacted,” she said. Me, mental health? I thought to myself after seeing the tweet. What’s happening to my mental health? How did it occur? I informed management that they neglected to show me prior to tweeting. They said that’s why—that they knew I wouldn’t let them to send the tweet. At the time, they said it was the wisest course of action.


“There are moments when I can’t forgive myself and I want to fight myself over that one tweet. I can’t possibly be stating anything false. Everything I tweet reflects how I’m feeling at the time. I don’t believe I can claim to be feeling emotional when I’m not. It isn’t feasible.

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