Ayra Starr Describes Her Love for Short Skirts

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, better known as Ayra Starr, a well-known Nigerian singer, has said that she always wanted to be a teenage popstar, which explains why she dresses the way she does.

In a recent interview with Guap Magazine, the 20-year-old Nigerian popstar stated that one of the reasons she wears the way she does is to inspire young people to feel empowered when they see her.


Ayra Starr said that she does see herself as an Afrobeats Gen-Z ambassador, highlighting the role that her music plays in this regard.


“I don’t know where that comes from, but I feel like I have this obligation to sort of show my generation what we can be and what we can achieve, and I believe I’m doing that via my music,” she said.


Since I didn’t see any adolescent pop stars while I was growing up and there were no black teenage pop stars, I’ve always wanted to be one. I can still hear myself thinking, “I want to be a teenage popstar, and I want my little sister and her friends to be able to see my videos and say I want to be that.” I still want females to be able to feel strong when they see me, which is why I still do things like wear pink.

I believe it is my duty to carry out this duty for both my generation and the one that will follow. I wish to motivate others.

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