Ayo Animashaun, An Actor, Gives His Tale After Miraculously Surviving.

After a truck driver struck his car, Nollywood actor and producer Ayo Silver Animashaun miraculously survived.


Ayo revealed his horrific car accident while returning to Lagos from Ibadan, where he had gone to inspect some land, by sharing videos from the incident.


He went on to describe how a trailer ran him over and caused his car to spin for almost 12 seconds. Ayo Animashaun said that despite the sad event, he has learned that all one strives for might be snatched away at any time.


To be more precise, on the way from the place where I went to check out a piece of land in Moniya, Ibadan, and on my way back to my house in Lagos, at the Magboro bus stop, a trailer ran me over and spun my car for almost 12 seconds. I saw a movie of how my breath left my lungs, and the entire trip flashed before my eyes. and a split second. But I learned from that experience that everything and everything might be taken from us at any time, especially when we least expect it. However, my God delivered me, and I will always attest to God’s awesomeness.

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