At Her Lagos Show, Asake Requests a “One Minute Silence”

Asake, a well-known Nigerian performer, has paid respect to the two people who died as a consequence of the mayhem at his London show.

Recall that the crowd surge at the Asake concert in London last week resulted in the deaths of a mother-of-two named Rebecca Ikumelo and a young woman named Gabrielle Hutchinson, age 23.


Asake interrupted his performance at the Flytime event in Lagos on Thursday to pay a moving homage to the victims.


In the viral video, he asked the audience to remain quiet while expressing regret and condolences for the women’s tragic deaths.


I feel grief for them, he whispered, within. But may serenity be granted to their spirits. I simply want us to pause for a moment of quiet before continuing to pray for those who lost their lives in London.

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