As veteran Mama Rainbow publishes her book, excitement is present.

Idowu Phillips, a seasoned actress best known by her stage as Mama Rainbow, has published her book.


The actress is now among the famous people who have written autobiographies.


The renowned actress announced the publication of her book, The Goldsmiths Daughter, on Instagram. Fans may get an insight inside the legend’s life via his book.


“Goldsmith daughter, you can find it at any bookstore.”


Memoir by Iya Rainbow

Iya Rainbow is not the only actress who has written a book.


Laide Bakare will publish a book.

According to KFN, Laide Bakare planned to publish a new book in response to those who questioned her source of income in light of her unexpectedly luxurious lifestyle.


Laide Bakare boasted about the new action on her Instagram page.


It’s not enough to say thank you. However, I pledge to complete a book about how everything began from the beginning to the present and to teach your kids how to make ethical financial decisions within the next six months. May God bring IT to pass.

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