As she plans to release her first EP, “Afro Icon,” OHLA targets the mainstream.

Afrobeat singer Bukola Ireti Holo, better known by his stage name “OHLA,” is poised to release “AFRO ICON,” a seven-track EP that has been specially curated and has an inspirational, melodic, and all-around Afrobeat sound.

This project, which was greatly impacted by the many different sounds and musical genres she grew up listening to, is anticipated to connect with all audiences. Afro Icon’s first EP Ohla


Afro-Icon OHLA

The EP, which blends her own unique musical taste, is going to establish the budding star as one of the next big things. The “Afro icon” project, with tracks created by Big Mouse and Mystro, is slated to be released globally on December 8 2022. It includes the accomplished rapper Vector and the well-known producer Mystro.


When questioned about the inspiration behind her debut album, OHLA replies that the music is a beautifully curated seven-track bag of emotions put together to tell her story, with no particular genre, because she’s always known what she wants: to create something lovely, relatable, memorable, and all-around iconic.



“I want the underprivileged, especially girls and the young generation coming up in their different niches to listen to my sound and feel good about themselves, be proud of their roots, and be brave at all times,” the Ondo state-born singer, who is currently signed to international music label GIFTED Nation, said. Afro Icon’s first EP Ohla


not to be afraid, to take risks, and to maintain their iconic status in spite of social pressure.

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