As A Married Lady, Uchenna Advises Against Remaining Friends With Unfaithful Spouses.

Actress Uchenna Nnanna from Nollywood has given advice to some of her married coworkers on how to maintain their marriages.


A married woman is not expected to be associated with a cheating wife in order to prevent her mindset from becoming corrupted, the mother of two warned in a comment on an Instagram post.


She advised married ladies to avoid cheating married women and vice versa.


After May Edochie, the first wife of Uchenna Nnanna’s colleague, insisted that she would not be coerced into polygamy by her husband, Yul Edochie, Uchenna Nnanna took a stand with her.


On Saturday, December 24, Nnanna made a further claim on her verified Instagram page that polygamy is the worst thing to wish even an enemy.


She continued, “I know better because I come from a polygamous home.”


Having grown up in a polygamous household, polygamy is the furthest thing you would ever wish upon your worst enemy. No matter how hard they try to keep the peace, the second wife and her kids will always feel like they are at war with the first wife and her kids. I reaffirm my support for May Edochie,” she wrote.


May had also publicly stated that she did not believe in polygamy and that her faith forbade it shortly after Yul Edochie announced his second marriage.


Yul had previously boasted about his polygamous marriage and claimed that it had brought him blessings before he made his public apology.


Uchenna, who is married, advises against maintaining friendships with unfaithful spouses.

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