Another lady perishes at Asake’s Brixton after being crushed

At Asake’s event at Brixton Academy, a second lady died after suffering injuries in a crush.


Gabrielle Hutchinson, age 23, died in the early hours of December 19, 2022, at the hospital.


Hutchinson was one of the security guards that had been employed for the event that evening.


Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, was the first casualty; she died as a result of injuries she sustained during the performance. She died away early on Saturday, December 17.


A third lady, age 21, is still being treated for serious injuries in the hospital.


According to the Metropolitan Police, the three ladies were all in the foyer of the building in south London when the crush severely hurt them.


On Thursday night, December 15, eight persons were injured in the event and were brought to the hospital.


The Afrobeat singer Asake was playing at the club when police were summoned, according to reports of a “huge number of individuals trying to force access to the establishment.”


After three songs, the Nigerian artist was compelled to leave the performance. In a statement, he said that his “heart is with those who were harmed.”


The death of a second individual as a result of the events on Thursday is tragic news, Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove said.


“I want to send Gabrielle’s family my most sincere sympathies during this very trying moment,”

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