Anita Okoye’s Viral Video Has Drawn Mixed Responses.

A video showing Anita Okoye, Paul Okoye’s ex-wife, and her apparent new lover has drawn mixed comments.


Nigerians were made aware of their hypocrisy by Twitter user King Stianox, who pointed out how they treated Anita and Paul’s new relationships differently.


Paul Okoye had just shown off his new girlfriend, and the Kemi Filani news claimed that many had criticized him for moving on so quickly from his former.


A video showing Anita being kissed by a guy, who many presumed to be her new lover, was ignored by many people who had turned a blind eye to the situation. The mother of three, who just entered a new age, spent her birthday at a club and uploaded a video of a white guy pecking her on her Instagram account.


A Twitter user criticized trolls who hounded Paul for swiftly moving on after pointing out the hypocrisy and favoritism between the two.


He tweeted:


“Men maintained their calm as Anita Okoye revealed her new boyfriend. No guy made fun of the man; instead, ladies pretended like they weren’t aware of what Anita had done.


Paul Okoye copied this Dude and uploaded his new girlfriend a few weeks later.


Women stood up, the internet dispersed, and body shaming started. Listen, anybody is allowed to enjoy anyone after a divorce. Even if Paul’s girl is the skeleton Alika. Make Una go away, please.

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