An overview of Davido’s uncle, the governorfirst ,’s week in office

Ademola Adeleke, Davido’s favorite uncle and the new governor of Osun state, has provided a summary of his first week in office. Adeleke was sworn in last weekend.


Governor Ademola Adeleke recently posted a press release on his Instagram profile. He wrote:


“My first week serving as your governor was action-packed and productive.


As there was no formal handover, I began with a few housekeeping tasks to ensure a seamless transfer.


I signed six executive orders, which most commentators have called a breath-taking and historic effort to move the state toward sustainable government.


I reaffirmed my dedication to the Osun people and reinforced my assurance to the employees that the Imole government would put their wellbeing first.


I called a conference of security leaders to discuss how to improve and restore security. My idea for security improvements was presented and considered with the intention of taking swift action.


On your behalf, several back-channel meetings with stakeholders from tense state regions were conducted, easing frayed tempers and establishing a new tone for a tranquil living.


I met with state labor leaders on November 30th and made it clear that I was ready to hear their concerns and deal with any issues they may have.


The continued briefings by government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies were another significant event throughout the week.


The information provided by the Ministry of Finance disproved Mr. Gboyega Oyetola’s assertion that he had left N14 billion in the state coffers. The remaining debt and obligations for salaries, pensions, and gratuities totaled N76 billion.

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