Adeniyi Johnson tells his wife, “I’m terribly sorry.”

Adeniyi Johnson, a well-known actor in Nigeria, has provided his explanation after images and video of him having fun with another woman appeared online.


The weird woman had captioned the image and accompanying video, “The King that dominates my planet. I adore you, Papa. I really really miss you. Go back to your mother.


Fans of Adeniyi Johnson were clearly offended by this, and they accused him of cheating on his wife, Yoruba movie diva Seyi Edun.


On Monday night, Johnson turned to his verified Instagram page to explain his side of the incident, saying that the woman in issue was merely a fan who subsequently chose to be naughty.


“I won’t act like nothing occurred today, and this is not to refute anything since no one debunks what never happened or what you didn’t do,” he wrote in specific detail. The woman in question is an overly enthusiastic fan who was happy to see me and kindly asked to take a photo since I was leaving the location where she met me and as a result I couldn’t come down because I am hurrying to another set. Having said that, I GUESS she uploaded the detestable WhatsApp status with the intention of trending. … OR… someone on her contact chose the video, wrote about it, and made it popular out of malice for her! I’ll find the cause of this, I swear!


Adeniyi Johnson also expressed his regret to his wife for whatever humiliation the video may have brought her.

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